The Archiological Sites

The region is renowned for its various Mayan ruins: a must see during your stay. (see the map)

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The coastal city of Tulum once represented an important fishing, and perhaps commercial harbour which was conected the various neighbouring cities. Located 65km South of Playa del Carmen (see the map) bordering the turquoise-coloured Caribbean sea, its rocky headland enhances the beaty of its buildings.
The site is not enormous and can be visited in about an hour.

    Chichen Itzá

Ancient Mayan town located between Valladolid and Merida on the Yucatan peninsula. See map.
The site was designated as one of the seven wonders of the world and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. This site is situated approximately 3h drive from Playa del Carmen.
It is possible to combine it with a visit to Coba or snorkeling in cenotes like here:

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scuba diving playa del carmen mexico playa    


Cobá is an important archiological site, belonging to the Mayan civilisation. It is located at approxiamtely 106Km from Playa del Carmen and 42Km from Tulum.
The Mayan pyramid, Nohoch Mul Coba, is the tallest structure of the North of Yucatan and towers 42m above ground.
Unlike in Chichen Itza, it is still possible to climb to the top of this pyramid.
Because of the large extent of this site, you can enjoy the walk, rent bicycles or even triclycle with drivers.

Sian Ka'an Biosphere

    Drive a Jeep through the jungle

Sian Ka'an (meaning 'origines of the sky' in Mayan) is a natural biosphere reserve located South of Tulum and accessible by Jeep on a dirt track.
This reserve includes marshes, mangroves and tropical forest with its flora and fauna and has more than 300 species of birds that you will discover during a boat trip. You will then cool off in its crystalline waters and discover its marine biodiversity, its colorful fishes, corals and other species.
Have a look to our video: or ask for the daily schedule.
   scuba diving playa del carmen mexico playa

scuba diving playa del carmen mexico playa    

Punta Laguna Natural Reserve

    Observe the Spider Monkeys

20 minutes from the Coba ruins, you will find the national parc of Otoch Ma'ax Yetel Kooh.
Here live 30 Mayan families which ensure the protection of nature and their cultural heritage. They also organise various tourist activities such as canoe rides on the lagoon or the observation of spider monkeys (the latter are estimated between 600 and 800 individuals on the site).
This represents an ideal break while coming back from chichen Itza or Coba.
Some images here:
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